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Sportswear with Spirit


SINCE 1951

Cape Cod Roots

Mark, Fore & Strike began as a small Cape Cod sporting goods shop in 1951. Its early emphasis was on providing goods for persons of leisure. As a tagline of the era proclaimed, MF&S dealt in "Sportswear with Spirit."

In a friendly, folky sort of way, MF&S provided colorful country club clothing, sporting goods, golf clubs and fishing rods for a select group of people who had a good deal of money and plenty of leisure time -- and the desire to dress nicely for it.

Today, Mark, Fore & Strike presents an updated, occasionally iconoclastic take on elevated sporting wear. We have real history and true heritage, but don't rest on that. The street dead-ends into the sea, and that the sea is global by nature. We harness all of those forces for the modern Mark, Fore & Strike line. It's timeless, timely sporting wear that lives on the street or shooting skeet, at the driving range and at sea -- up Cape or down, at home and abroad.